How we became the global marketplace that brings excitement, style, and international appeal to products made with wood.

It was a sunny morning on Monday, February 20th, 2017 when I purchased my first pair of Bamboo Sunglasses at our local mall. They were a pair of BOBOBIRD shades. I was delighted when I first put them on and found them both stylish and yet grounding. I quickly bought another pair for a friend and started discovering the literally infinite quantities of products available that were made with the ingredients of wood, bamboo and their underlying fibers.  

 Our Story

A lot has changed since that day. Our initial idea (to become the largest marketplace of wood/bamboo sunglasses) has now evolved into becoming the largest global marketplace of “everything” made with wood. Yet although our business model has changed our vision has remained the same.

To empower small business owners. To champion the artistry of craftsmanship and to provide a higher quality niche experience for consumers around the world who love the same kinds of products we do.


We see a global online trend that increasingly favors cheap, poorly made products that lack good design, high quality materials and good craftsmanship. As fans and consumers of wood products ourselves, we were often disappointed when ordering such products online only to find out the quality and materials were radically different than our initial expectations.

Our own desire for a better experience (and lack of a good dedicated alternative) inspired us to create Wood Temple. We aim for Wood Temple to become the planet’s largest, most diverse array of top quality wood based products online. We seek to become the golden standard of where consumers and businesses go when seeking high quality and unique products for their homes and businesses.

We are driven by the core principles that our customers come first. This means we carefully listen to our customers and seek to constantly innovative and refine our business model.

Our Guiding Principles

That shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

That you, the customer, are our greatest teacher and supporter in helping our business grow.

To create a seamless shopping experience. From the moment, you visit our site to the moment your product arrives at your front door.

That by providing you constantly new and exciting assortments of products that we may earn the right to call you a lifetime customer.

Our Definite Chief Aim:

We are motivated to come to work every day by our company’s chief aim:

To help 1 million store owners create a full-time source of income for themselves and their families by creating products that enhance the lives of consumers around the Globe.

You can help us as a Wood Temple customer by participating in our lucrative Loyalty Program. If you have friends or family members who have unique products and are looking for an outlet to share them with the world have them get started by joining our Seller Community.

We thank you so much for your support and patronage.

With Regards,

The Wood Temple Team